ShapeShop is a new 3D modeling and design tool with a fun, easy-to-learn interface. Sketch-based shape creation and editing tools make it simple to quickly translate your ideas into a 3D shape, and drag-and-drop decal compositing makes texturing simple. Best of all, ShapeShop is free!

ShapeShop uses state-of-the-art procedural implicit surface technology, allowing you to drag-and-drop 3D parts to quickly assemble a seamless, smooth surface. You won't have to worry about details like mesh topology or resolution. Procedural modeling means you can generate meshes at any resolution you need, just like with NURBS or SubDs. But with procedural implicit surfaces, you have a true construction history. You can "go back in time" and tweak any editing operation in the entire model tree, even across modeling sessions! ShapeShop uses a hierachical CAD/CSG workflow, applied to a free-form modeling interface.

ShapeShop's advanced decal texturing tools also support simple drag-and-drop interaction. Textures can be quickly layered directly on the surface. Decaling compositing is procedural too, so you can always go back and tweak a decal or change layer ordering. You can even edit the underlying implicit model, your decals will stick to it!

ShapeShop currently exports meshes in OBJ and COLLADA formats, which can be loaded directly into many standard tools. Try using ShapeShop to create a base surfaces, and then load it into ZBrush to paint geometric detail, or Maya and 3DSMax for rendering. You've got nothing to lose - ShapeShop is free!

See ShapeShop in action! Watch this demo video:

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