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ShapeShop Manual v003 (Feb 18)


The ShapeShop manual is a work in progress. It explains how to use the basic sketching and modeling features of ShapeShop. It's still a work in progress, so some sections are completely missing (like the section on decal texturing), but hopefully it will help get you started.

Instructional Videos  
Basic Sketch Based Modeling Video youtubequicktimedivx
This video demonstrates a variety of ShapeShop features, including the 2D sketching-assistance tools, the view toolbar, basic 3D sketching, object parameters, 3D manipulation, and the model tree.
3D Manipulation Widgets Video youtubequicktimedivx
This video demonstrates ShapeShop's new gesture-based 3D manipulation widget system, including the standard translate / rotation / scale widgets, pivot points, pinned widgets, snapping, and widget history


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