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ShapeShop B5  

ShapeShop B5 is the most recent beta version. New features in B5 include COLLADA and STL mesh export, a mirroring operator, and a hollow operator. Some major bugs have also been fixed, including a critical save/load problem, and a fix for a bug in the newest NVidia drivers. Also, stroke drawing now works properly on Intel GMA cards (used in most TabletPCs). For more information, check out the devblog. ShapeShop is under development, so come back often to check for updates.

!! NOTE: If you have an AMD Athlon system and ShapeShop B5 crashes whenever you try to draw, please unzip this file to "C:\Program Files\UnknownWare\ShapeShop B5" (or wherever you installled it).

If you want to be notified when a new version of ShapeShop is released, please send a request using the comment form (click here). In fact, if you have downloaded the software and find it useful, please use the comment form to tell us what you are using it for, complain about bugs you have found, request features you are interested in, and so on. Don't be shy - the future direction of ShapeShop is very open, and your feedback will help us decide what features to work on next!

System Requirements, Bugs, and Other Info

ShapeShop B5 supports Intel and AMD processors, and has been tested on Windows XP and Windows Vista. ShapeShop will run on nearly any computer - for example, most development takes place on a 1.6Ghz laptop with a low-end Radeon mobile GPU. But for the best experience, you will want as fast a machine as possible.

Some features available in ShapeShop 002 (the last release version of ShapeShop) are currently disabled in the beta. In particular, NPR rendering has been disabled (but don't worry, it'll be back by the time ShapeShop 003 ships). If you would like to try out these features, grab ShapeShop 002 from the previous versions archive.

ShapeShop is definitely still in the 'early development' phase, so please be patient with it. There are bugs. In particular, here are a few that you might run into:

  • On some machines, you have to click the 'open' button twice to bring up the file/open dialog box
  • There are undocumented rotation hotkeys. ALT+LMB rotates, ALT+RMB zooms, and ALT+MMB pans
  • The XML load/save can sometimes break. Save often. If this happens to you, please send in your XML file so we can figure out what went wrong!

Comments and Complaints  

Please feel free to let us know what you love or hate about ShapeShop. Your feedback will help make future versions of ShapeShop better!

(Since the form doesn't work yet, click here to send an e-mail).




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