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To see a larger version of any of the images below, click on the thumbnail image. If you would like your work to appear here, either post it on the gallery forum, or send an e-mail with the images attached to

Andre Pelser

Andre has been experimenting with organic form modeling in ShapeShop, followed by post-processing other software (texturing in Blacksmith 3D Paint, hair and final touches in Carrara 6.0 Pro).

Ketsudan [www]

Ketsudan whipped up these models in ShapeShop, Rendered in Lightwave 3D with HDRI, and did some post work in Photoshop [Ketsudan's gallery at DeviantART].

Corien Klapwijk / Andusan [www]

These models were created by CG Artist Corien Clapwijk (also known as Andusan). The modeling was done usingShapeShop and Modo, and then painting and rendering was done in Modo, with a bit of post in Photoshop. [Andusan's gallery at CGSociety].

Car Trunk This Next Step

Extra Dimensional [www]

This model was created by ZBrushCentral forum member Extra Dimensional, by creating the basic model in ShapeShop, and then importing it into ZBrush to deform it and add detail. [WIP Thread at ZBrushCentral].

Terviche Ragtop Terviche Ragtop 2

Wyvill & Son

The models below were created by Brian Wyvill and his son Siomon (11 years old)


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