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Previous Versions of ShapeShop
ShapeShop is a work-in-progress, and though we will always try to not "break" anything, older features might not always make the transition into newer versions. All the released versions of ShapeShop are available below, just in case you need them.

Beta 003 Versions [B1] [B2] [B3]

ShapeShop 002 (released in 2006). This was the first major release of ShapeShop. It included the decal texturing features described in the SIGGRAPH 2006 paper "Interactive Decal Compositing with Discrete Exponential Maps" (see the publications page). It was also the first version to support saving and loading files. [Download]

ShapeShop 001 (released in 2005). This was the first public version of ShapeShop. It has no save and load, but the hardware-specific features were disabled, so it (should) run on any computer. [Download]


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